Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Free Cultural and Intellectual events taking place in DC beginning Thursday, July 25

I'm very gratified that over 1000 hits occurred on last week's listing, the first in several months. It gives me encouragement to continue encouraging others to join me in taking advantage of the many opportunities we have in DC to be informed. Only that all of America could join us in joining The Washington Post in realizing that "Democracy Dies in Darkness".  But remember, all the world can join us in looking at the events at places like Politics and Prose because their events are on You Tube!

Please remember that YOU can make this weekly listing more successful by adding other events You would like people to attend.  As you can see, my interests are primarily FREE events mainly jazz, international, political and ecumenically religious.

Thursday, July 25

ThursdayJuly 2512pmHOMEGROWN CONCERT: Cedric Watson: Cajun, Creole and Zydeco Music from Texas (Coolidge Auditorium)
ThursdayJuly 257pmSUMMER CONCERTS ON THE LAWN: BYTES & BEATS: Shing02 and FAT JON Samurai Champloo 15th anniversary event
Friday, July 26
Authors book talk: Harriet A. Washington – A Terrible Thing to Waste: Environmental Racism and Its Assault on the American Mind – Politics and Prose – 7 PM

Family Event:
EVENT | LECTURES AND SYMPOSIA Jefferson Building Librry of Congress
Kihara Hirokatsu and Diana Garnett, LIVEFriday
July 26, 2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

In this program for children and their families, Studio Ghibli writer, producer and director Kihara Hirokatsu will discuss his experience in Japanese anime production and the inspirations for Totoro and other animated films. Together with singer and voice actress Diana Garnett, Hirokatsu will share the joys of creating an animated film.

Jazz concert 

World Guitar
 5:00pm to 8:30
Sculpture Garden - National Gallery of Art Gardens
Saturday, 27
Authors book talk: Thomas W. Lippman - Crude Oil, Crude Money: Aristotle Onassis, Saudi Arabia and the CIA – P and P – 1 PM

Authors book talk: Jennifer Ratner/Rosenhagen – The Ideas That Made America: A Brief History – tells the story of the United States through its central ideas from its conception and its major thinkers and intellectual movements including the Enlightenment, transcendentalism, social Darwinism, progressivism and postmodernism – P and P – 6 PM

  • Films
    Pom Poko
    July 27 at 12:30
    East Building Auditorium - National Gallery of Art
    The heroes of Isao Takahata’s anime Pom Poko are the tanuki, the fabled shape-shifting Japanese raccoon dogs. Beginning in the 1960s, tanuki of the ancient Tama Hills near Tokyo are alarmed by the reckless construction of houses and shopping centers bordering their homes. They finally join together to fight back, practicing their ancient art of transformation into human forms and even staging a grand deception by shifting the newly developed land back into its primeval state. Director Takahata was a founder of the prestigious production house Studio Ghibli. (Isao Takahata, 1994, 35mm, subtitles, 119 minutes)
  • Princess Raccoon
    July 27 at 3:30
    East Building Auditorium - National Gallery of Art
    Seijun Suzuki’s quirky and colorful operetta is a folkloric tale of young love inspired by the form of the raccoon dog (tanuki). Princess Raccoon (Operetta tanuki goten) stars Zhang Ziyi as a shape-shifting tanuki princess and Joe Odagiri as Prince Amechiyo, in danger because he has displaced his father Azuchi Momoyama (Mikijir┼Ź Hira) as the most beautiful man in the kingdom. Intrigue, trickery, and romance ensue as the young princess saves the day, absconding with the prince to her own palace. (Seijun Suzuki, 2005, 35mm, subtitles, 110 minutes)
Sunday, 28
Authors book talk: Lawrence Pintak – America and Islam: Soundbites Suicide Bombers in the road to Trump – P and P  – 1 PM

Authors book talk: Russell Gold with Amy Harder – Superpower: One Man's Quest to transform American Energy – PNP – 3 PM

Family Art Project:  Drop in for art making - all ages - children must be accompanied by an adult - National Gallery of Art - Concourse - 11AM - 3PM

July 28 at 4:00
East Building Auditorium - NGA
In eight beguiling vignettes inspired by recurring dreams, Akira Kurosawa follows his surrogate self through the stages of life. In the final dream, “Village of the Water Mills,” a wise old man describes the rewards of living a simpler life without the conveniences provided by advanced technologies. A subtext of Dreams is the beauty and primacy of nature, with a gentle admonition about its conservation and perpetuation. Animal forms are leitmotifs, frequently accentuating this premise. (Akira Kurosawa, 1990, 35mm, subtitles, 119 minute
Monday, 29
Authors Lisa Taddeo with Olivia Nuzzi – Three Women – Writing with nuance and empathy audio strips away the myths and assumptions that shaped views of female sexuality – PNP – 7 PM

Tuesday, 30
Authors book talk: Neil Shister – Radical Ritual: How Brewing Man Change the World – PNP 7 PM

Wednesday, 31
Authors book talk: Philip Mudd – Black Site: The CIA in the 9/11 World – PNP – 7 PM 

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