Thursday, January 24, 2019

A listing of some of the free events open during the shutdown

It finally dawned upon me that I could be of help in this period to call to your attention - and visitors - the lesser known free attractions that are open during this awful needless shut down.,  I'll begin with a few and, hopefully, readers will add more.  Please  check for details and special events at the various sites.  We plan to  bring it up to date during the week.

There is additionally one special event I want to call to your attention that I can vouch for..

On Wednesday, February 6 at 12:10 noon, at the monthly concert at historic St. Johns Episcopal Church on Lafayette Square, Bob McDonald with instrumentalists, will perform Broadways Show-tunes.  Bob, is a member of the Army Chorus and is best known for his rendition of the National Anthem at Capitals games.  He has also appeared nationwide in opera and off-Broadway.  I know you will enjoy the 40 minute or so performance.

These are some of the other Free attractions available

The Holocaust Museum - even those who have been there many times MUST see the special display in the basement regarding "What We In America Knew and did not Know. (About civil rights in general.)  And don't forget "Daniels Story" introducing children to the horrors of the Holocaust.

The various Embassies from throughout the world located in DC often have special programs

The National Botanical Gardens

The Bureau of Printing and Engraving

The Old Post Office Pavilion. - For a great view of the City - it is just BEHIND  the Trump hotel

Navy Memorial and Visitors Center

Politics and Prose Bookstore has several venues in the city and there are daily lectures by authors reviewing their books.  The flagship store on Connecticut Avenue has a presentation every day.  Check them all out.

And of course there are the usual museums that charge ranging from the Phillips to the Newseum to the National Cathedral.


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