Thursday, July 6, 2017

Free intellectual and cultural events for the week beginning Friday, July 7

One of the beauties of this listing of free events is that one doesn't need to be present to enjoy them.  That was particularly true this week for two events. On July 4th Linda and I were privileged to be a part of an enthusiastic full house at the Washington National Cathedral for their annual July 4th patriotic brass ensemble and choir concert. What a marvelous locale for a patriotic concert.  I was actually driven to tears hearing emotional words like "Send me your tired…" and I thought of the present hostility to the "other" in our country. And so here's the advantage for those in DC not able to attend – even those throughout the country – even the world: THEY ARE AVAILABLE ON LINE.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend another outstanding concert.
The final performance of Serenade! features Shanghai No. 3 Girls High School Concert Band (China), Escolania de Montserrat (Spain and Catalonia), Akoo Show Choir (Ghana), and the Nairobi Girls Chorale (Kenya). 
Part of JFKC: A Centennial Celebration of John F. Kennedy 

The concert featured musicians from the various countries where the Peace Corps was active.  To hear the amazing music , go to "Kennedy Center Millennium Stage"

For the July 4th Concert go to
Washington National Cathedral - July 4th Concert - (although at present only the concert from last year is available.  I'll keep you posted as to when the 2017 Concert - even more outstanding - is available 

And many of our book lectures are available on line, especially those at Politics and Prose and National Archives.


Friday, 7
While I don't find much to list that special this today, please remember the Smithsonian Folklife Festival focusing on "Circus Arts" continues from 10 AM to 5 PM through Sunday with dance parties and circus performances beginning at 5:30PM. Remember too the continuation of Jazz in the Garden at the National Gallery of Art each Friday from 5 PM to 8:30 PM

Mark Damisch is an American concert pianist who began studying organ at the Evanston Conservatory of Music at the age of four. He performed his first piano concert at seven. As a teenager in 1974, he toured Europe both as a pianist and also in a vocal group alongside the Vienna Boys Choir. In Salzburg’s Mirabel Gardens, he first considered the idea of touring on his own. Mark Damisch’s piano concerts have taken him to more than 40 countries, including Japan, the Soviet Union, Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, the Netherlands, China, the Greek Islands, Iceland, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, India and more. Currently he is touring to Washington, D.C., Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.
When: Friday, July 7, 2017 | 12:00 pm – noon
Where: Austrian Cultural Forum, 3524 International Court NW, Washington, DC, 20008
Tickets: General admission is free and open to the public.

Saturday, 8
Book lecture: "The Lives of Dylan Ripley: Natural Scientists, Wartime Spy, and Pioneering Leader of the Smithsonian Institution" – Roger D. Stone – Politics and Prose – 1 PM

Book lecture: "The Prisoner in His Palace: Saddam Hussain, His American Guards, and What History Leaves Unsaid" – William Bardenwelper – P&P – 3:30 PM

Film: ";Atanarjust: The Fast Runner" – Zacharias Kunuk's 2001 epic selected as the best Canadian film of all time – East building Auditorium – National Gallery of Art – 2 PM

Film: "The Good Soldier" the 1960 film about the adventures of a Czech soldier during World War I and the absurdity of war – Pickford Theater – Madison Building – Library of Congress – 2:30 PM to 4 PM
Sunday, 9
Concert: Summer concert series at the National Building Museum – 401 F St. NW. – 2 PM – 3 PM – if you haven't seen this building it would be worth it to go just to see a magnificent structure

Book lecture "Rules for Resistance: Advice From Around the Globe for the Age of Trump – David Cole – P&P – 3 PM

Monday, 10
Book lecture: "Flashpoints: Lessonss Learned and not learned in Malawi, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan" – author Jade Wu – Horizon Ballroom – Ronald Reagan Building – 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. – 6 PM to 8 PM

Book lecture: "Be Free or Die: The Amazing Story of Robert Smalls Escape From Slavery to Union Hero" – Kate Lineberry – P&P – 7 PM

Tuesday, 11
Concert: Bach's  "Goldberg Variations" – Pianist Helene Papadopoulos – Church of the Epiphany – 1317 G St. NW. – 12:10 PM

Panel discussion: "Covering the White House: A Panel on the Changing Role of the Press" featuring Peter Baker, Julie Pace and Dana Milbank – Kramerbooks and Afterwords – 1517 Connecticut Ave. NW. – 202 – 387 – 1400 – 7 PM

Wednesday, 12

Book lecture: "Chokehold: Policing Black Men" – Paul Butler – Busboys and Poets – 14th and V Northwest – 6:30 PM

Book lecture: "Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln, 1849 – 1856" – Sidney Blumenthal's second volume of his acclaimed biography – National Archives Building – noon – 1 PM

Thursday, 13
Concert: "Forlorn Strangers" perform Americana and country music – National Garden Amphitheater – United States Botanic Garden – 100 Maryland Ave. SW. – 5 PM – 7 PM

Panel discussion: "President Kennedy and His Legacy" – distinguished panel of historians from the Library of Congress and Harvard University - Smithsonian American Art Museum – 8th and G Sts. Northwest – 7 PM

Lecture: "Testing the American Way of War: Doughboys Bringing Revolution to the Western Front,'s 1917 – 1918 – Edward Lengel  - Anderson House – Society of the Cincinnati – 2118 Massachusetts Ave. NW. – 6 PM

Book lecture: "American Fire: Love, Parsing and Life in a Vanishing Land" – Monica Hesse  – P&P -  7 PM
Please remember that more events are listed in THE CURRENT - the local weekly newspaper used to compile these events.  

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