Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Free intellectual and cultural events for the week beginning Thursday, September 15

Once again I'm totally in awe of the quality of events that are available to us and how often some of the best are rather poorly attended because of the inconvenient time when they are scheduled. This is often true of events at the National Archives where outstanding authors speak to a small crowd. And they are usually biographies or history of important people and events. The speaker yesterday was Larry Tye who spoke on his book, "Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon". Of course I haven't read the book yet, but his presentation was so inspirational that it has caused me to get back at my RANTING AND RAVING and share a few things that I think are significant for our present election. I hope you'll take a look at:

And you may wan to check during the week.  I may have more to add.

Thursday, 15
Booktalk: Joe Conason – "Man of the World: The further endeavors of Bill Clinton" – P&P  –  7 PM

Reading and presentation: Simon Schwartz, German cartoonist, discusses his editorials/cartoons regarding life in East Germany – Goethe Institute - 1990 Street Northwest Suite 03 – reservation suggested – 6:30 PM

Concert: "Take 5! John Coltraine celebrated! With the Ted Baker quintet "– Smithsonian American Art Museum – 5 PM – 7 PM

Symposium: "Nathaniel Comfort, Astrobiology chair leads panel discussing "The emergence of life: On the earth, in the lab and elsewhere" – room LJ 119 – Jefferson building – Library of Congress – contact 202-707-0213 – 9 AM – 5 PM

Concert: Onix Ensemble – Contemporary Latin – Millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Friday, 16
Lecture: Gary Groth, Editor and publisher of Fantagraphics books, presents "Fantagraphics books and the Advent of the graphic novel" – West dining room – six floor – Madison building – Library of Congress – 11:30 AM

Furniture and the future: Maloof symposium – this one day symposium examines historical and contemporary furniture production in light of the rapid changes brought about by the digital age, and what these changes mean for the future of the craft. Full schedule and speakers at - Smithsonian American Art Museum – 9 AM – 5 PM

Film: "The Occupation of the American Mind" with executive producer Sut Jhally - Perceptions of the impasse between Israel and Palestine - The Jerusalem Fund - Light snacks at 5:30 - RSVP - 202-338-1958 - Film 6 - 7:30PM

Concert: "The Marriage of Figaro" – preview performance by young artists – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Saturday, 17
Booktalk: Katli Martin:, "True Believer: Stalin's Last American Spy" – P&P – 3:30 PM

Booktalk: MarkGreiff: "Against Everything: essays on life" – in conversation with Leon Wieseltier – P & P - 7 PM
Lecture series: "A Closer Look: The World of the Ashcan School – Georgetown University professor Bonita Billman presents a three-part lecture series about the artists of the Ashcan School – Smithsonian American Art Museum – space limited: register at – 11 AM – 1 PM

Concert: Brazilian harmonicyst – Pablo Fagundes – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Sunday, 18
Concert:  The Out of Water Experience – progressive hip-hop band with social justice themes – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Monday, 19
Booktalk: Mark Green – "Bright, Infinite Future: a generational memoir on the progressive rise – busboys and poets – 14th and V – 6:30 PM

Concert: J. A. S. S. Quartet – Indian classical jazz – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Tuesday, 20
Booktalk: Sarah Jaffe: "Necessary Trouble: America in revolt" busboys and poets – 14th & V – 6:30 PM

 Booktalk: Jessica Tracy – "Tke Pride: Why the deadliest sin holds the secret to human success" – P&P – 7 PM

Comedy night: Ben Gleib – millennium stage -  Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Wednesday, 21
Booktalk: Julissa Arce – "My (Underground) American Dream: My true story as an underground imigrant who became a Wall Street executive" – busboys and poets – 14th & V – 6:30 PM

Booktalk: Laura Weinrib: – "The taming of free speech: American civil liberties compromise" – National Archives – Noon

Concert: Gabriel Munoz – Puerto Rican folk music – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Thursday, 22
Concert: Queen Esther with the blue crown ensemble – jazz blues and soul – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

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