Sunday, July 3, 2016

Special July 4th Concert

With such an outstanding program on Independence Day, I just had to break my summer silence by calling to your attention the program at the Washington National Cathedral, Monday, July 4 at 11 AM. This annual celebration has to be one of the most outstanding presentations in the nation with the Washington Symphonic Brass, the United States Navy Sea Chanters Ensemble and organists Benjamin Straley and Peter Conte. Thirty minutes preceding the program, there will be an outdoor brass echoing of music that promises to be outstanding. What a marvelous opportunity, especially those of us living in Cleveland Park and others communities surrounding the Cathedral at Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues Northwest, to make this day particularly meaningful.

And while at it, I'm tossing summer vacationing aside to do a bit of Ranting -

Hope you will take a look at a couple of my "cultural concerns".



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