Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Intellectual and cultural events for the week beginning Thursday, March 10

The timeliness and the quality of the events we have available to us here in D. C. was underscored for me this week by the fact that both The New York Times and The Washington Post reviewed a book that scores of us had an opportunity to hear reviewed by the author at Politics and Prose.  And what an eye-opening book is Rebecca Traister's All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation.  I'll have a great deal more to say about the book and my reaction to it in the future,.......

.......but first, I'm sorry that for the next several weeks I find it necessary to make an adjustment in my weekly culture blog. It's necessitated not only because of family travels to Michigan and San Antonio but also because of the deluge of work I've committed myself to in trying to answer close to 2,000 questions on Reddit. While I shall post a few events, I encourage you to look further each week at the source of my information: I urge you to go to the blogs for events at Politics and Prose Bookstore, the National Archives Foundation, the Library of Congress, the various Smithsonian Museums, and of course Wednesday's community publication The Northwest Current or whichever Current is distributed in your community.

Indeed, for the past month, I have given almost TOTAL attention to answering the questions on Reddit.  As I try to summarize, I note that so many people wonder how a 90 year oldster can truthfully and candidly say, "I'm having one of the two best years of my life."  In giving partial answers in response to specific questions, I have been forced to give thought to HOW IN FACT I HAVE BEEN SO FORTUNATE  .

Thus I invite you to look at my other blog
I will spend time RAVING (with some ranting) about the four factors that I feel have been most instrumental in forming my life.

                                                           EVENTS FOR THE WEEK

Thursday, 10
Book lecture: Ellen R. Malcolm – "When Women Win: Emily's List and the Rise of Women in American Politics" – P&P – 7 PM

Concert:  Andreas Staier, Harpsichord - Varied Program - Coolidge Auditorium - Library of Congress Tickets required - 8 PM - Preconcert conversation with Staier - 6:30PM - Rush tickets available

Panel discussion: Joseph Ellis, Jack Rekove, Mary Sarah Bilder with Kenneth Bowling – "Why the Bill of Rights was made – National Archives – reservations suggested – national archives foundation – 7 PM
Friday, 11

Book lecture: "Charles Duhigg – "Smarter – Faster – Better" – P&P  - 7 PM

World Premier Event:  Talea:Ensemble of cutting edge music including a world premiere event - Collidge Auditorim - Jefferson Building - Library of Congress - tickets necessary - 8PM - Preconcert Conversation - No tickets required - 6:30PM - Rush tickets available

Book lecture: Mary Sarah Bilder – "Madison's Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention" – National Archives – noon

Saturday, 12
Concert:  Hubert Von Goisern plays Washington D. C. - Austrian pianist - Austrian Cultural Forum - 3424 International Court - reservations suggested  -  7:30PM

Book Lecture:  Mitchell Yockelson - Forty-Seven Days:  The Battle of the Meuse-Argonne" P&P - 3:30PM

Book Lecture:  John Feinstein - "The Legends Club" Smith, Krzyewski and Valvano" - P&P - 1PM

Book Lecture:  Iris Bohnet - "What Works: Gender Equality By Design

Sunday, 13
Book Lecture:  Stephen Harrigan - "A Friend of Mr. Lincoln" - Indeed it is a novel and I don't recommend many of those! - P&P - 1PM

Book Lecture:  Patrick K. O'Donnell - " Washington's Immortals" - P&P - 5PM

Book Lecture:  Justin Krebs - "Blue in A Red State" - Bus Boys and Poets - 14th and V - 6:30PM

Monday, 14
Book Lecture: Sarah Leonard and Bhaaskar Sunkara "The Future We Want" - Bus Boys and Poets - 5th and K - 6:30PM

Tuesday, 15
Curator lecture: Janet McKinney, music division – "My Irish song of songs: Irish – American identity in popular song and musical theater" – Whittall Pavillion – Jefferson building – Library of Congress Noon

Book Lecture:  Adam Cohen - "Imbeciles: The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck" - P&P - 7PM

Wednesday, 16
Panel discussion: James Madison biographers gather on the president's 265th birthday to explore his life and preeminent role at the 1787 Constitutional convention – Madison building – Library of Congress – Mumford room – contact: 202-707-6462 – 10 AM

Lecture: Elijah Wald, musician and historian discusses "Dylan goes electric! Music, myth and mystery" – Mary Pickford theater – Madison building – Library of Congress – contact: 202-707-5502 Noon

Gallery talk: Sarah W Duke of the prints and photographs division leads a tour of the exhibit "Pointing their pens: Herblock and fellow cartoonists confront the issues" – Jefferson building – Library of Congress – noon

Thursday, 17
Symposium: A panel of scholars discusses the relationship between health and literacy – Montpelier room – Madison building – Library of Congress – contact: 202-707-5221 – 9 AM – 5 PM

Panel discussion:  Distinguished panel discusses "Learning from the Past? The Refugee Crisis in Historical Perspective " - German Historical Instsitute - 1607 New Hampshire Ave. NW - reservations suggested - 202-387-6437 - 6:30PM - 9:00PM

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