Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Intellectual and Cultural events for the week beginning Thursday, March 24

While there are many interesting events listed for this week, NOTHING could have a greater impact on me than  the Slam Poetry I heard some months ago delivered by Clint Smith!   And I had never heard of Slam Poetry before!
 There were many outstanding speakers at the conference sponsored by the Aspen Institute on Wage Inequity and Opportunity including Vice President Biden. But none got the ovation as was given this HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER.  How disappointed I was recently to see that only 207 had gone to the Web site to hear his 15 minutes of Spoken Word Poetry. It made a dramatic impression on me, and I'd like to urge you to hear it now at:

I hope you will also recommend it to others.  It is also available at
It blew me away to qualify as one of the ten best events I've attended in the past 20 years.  

Thursday, 24
Book lecture: Hayden Herrera – "Listening to Stone: The Art and Life of  Isamu Noguchi" – Montpelier room – Madison Building – Library of Congress – 7 PM

Concert: Potters house jazz series features Herb Scott Quartet – Potters house – 1658 Columbia Rd. NW. – 7 PM – 9 PH

Lecture: Ruth Wasem discusses "The struggle for fairness: how the repeal of national origins quotas in 1965 altered immigration flows:" – room 25 – research Center – national archives building – Pennsylvania Avenue entrance – noon

Lecture: " –John Bowen – "Islam in Europe: contrasting France and Britain" - reservations required – go.GW.EDU/Bowen – 12:30 PM – 2 PM

Lecture: Matthew Restall discusses "Montezuma surrenders in the US capital: the history of one of the greatest lies in history" Gelman library – George Washington University – 21 38th St. NW. – 4 PM

Friday, 25
Film:  The National Park Service on films - from the 1930's in Cooperation with the Environmental Film Festival - National Archives - Noon

Lecture: Ambassador. Thomas Pickering discusses his distinguished diplomatic career -  Abramson family founders room – school of international service building – American University – reservations suggested – 3 - 4 PM

Film: Andrew Nisker's documentary, "dark side of the chew" – impact of chewing gum on health of individuals and the planet – reservations required – darksideofthechew.BPT.ME - MLK Junior Memorial Library – noon

Saturday, 26
Lecture and music re-creation:  Nicholas Alexander Brown of the music division recalls the world premiere of Appalachian Spring in October 30, 1944 – Library of Congress – Jefferson studio –LJ – G 32 – 11 AM

Films: A triple feature of films about Graham and Noguchi – Pickford Theater – Madison building – Library of Congress – 2 PM

Concert: Musical group "Luray" banjo folk rock – Millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Book lecture: Mike Canning  – "Hollywood on the Potomac: how the movies view Washington – Peabody room – Georgetown library – 3260 R St. NW. – 1 PM

Film: Julien Duvivier -  1937 film "Pepe le Moko" – East building Auditorium – National Gallery of Art – 12:30 PM

Concert: Violinist Ariel Horowitz – performs music in preparation for the Menuhin competition in London – Washington DC Jewish community Center – 1529 16th St. NW. – reservations required – Washington – 2 PM – four

Sunday, 27
Organ concert: Washington National Cathedral artist in residence Jeremy Phil Filsell presents an Easter – Washington National Cathedral – 5:15 PM

Monday, 28
Book lecture: Janette Sadik-mohawkedhan – "Street  Fight: Handbook for an urban revolution" – P&P – 7 PM

Concert: Howard University gospel choir performs gospel music – Millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Performance: Gamarjobat comedy duo performs Mohawked lpantomined comedy – Japan information and culture center – 1150 18th St., Northwest – reservations required – www.US.EMB – Japan.Go.JP/ ICC – 6:30 PM

Tuesday, 29
Book lecture: Adam Hochschild – "Spain in Our hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War, 1936 – 1939" – P & P - 7PM

Concert: Pianist and cellist performed "Sounds of  Exile"– featuring works of various composers – Austrian cultural forum – 3524 International Court NW. – reservations required – ACF

Book lecture: Paul Pillar – "Why America misunderstands the world" – Main conference's room – Mortara building – Georgetown University – reservations requested – -
5 PM – 6 PM

Book lecture: James Goode, architectural historian discusses "capital houses: historic residences in Washington DC and its environs, 1735 – 1965 – Society of the Cincinnati – Anderson house – 2118 Massachusetts Ave. NW. – 6 PM

Book lecture Derek Cressman, author of the newly released book, "When Money Talks: The High Price of  Speech and the Selling of Democracy". Specifically, a talk about big money in politics next Tuesday, March 29th, at 5:30 the headquarters of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), 501 3rd St NW. If you have any additional questions, you can email Best, Rowan on Free intellectual and cultural events for the week beginning Thursday, March 17

Wednesday, 30
Panel discussion:  "Faith, Francis and the 2016 Campaign" - featuring E. J. Dionne, Jr. and commentators from Pew Research Center, The Atlantic and EWTN's Correspondent and from The National Catholic Reporter - ICC Auditorium - Georgetown University - 7 - 8:30PM - reservations requred -

Exhibit talk: Janet Eilber, artistic directer, Martha Graham Dance Company: "Cave of the Heart: Noguchi's set for the Graham Dance Company" –  Jefferson Building – Library of Congress – Whittall Pavilion – 7 PM

Book lecture: Harvard University professor Sven Beckert – "Empire of cotton: a Global history" Abramson family recital Hall – Katzen arts Center – American University – 5 PM – 6 PM

Lecture: Nona Martin discusses the collages of Romare Bearden" – the Smithsonian American Art Museum – G St. entrance – 5:30 PM

Performance: Drummers from Japan present a fusion of percussive style music in conjunction with the national Cherry Blossom Festival – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Thursday, 31
Book lecture: Sarah Bakewell – "At the Existentialist Café" – P&P  - 7 PM

Lecture: Dakim Hart, Senior Curator - Isamu Museum - "Sculpting Beyond the Pedestal" - Jefferson Building - Library of congress - Whittall Pavillion - 7PM

Concert: "Night at the Opera" pianist can you come the performs music of Verdi and Bach -reservations required –– Embassy of Italy – 3000 Whitehaven St. NW. – 7 PM – 8 PM

Book lecture: Charles Robertson discusses, American Louvre" and the impact of the Renwick Gallery building on Art and architecture in the United States" – grand salon – Renwick gallery – noon

Book lecture: Brent D. Glass – "50 Great American places: essential historic sites across the U. S." Heurich House Museum – 1307 New Hampshire Ave. N., West – reservations required – 5:30 PM – 7 PM

Lecture: "The transnational blockbuster 'Das Boot' and German film history" – Hester Baer – Goethe Institute Washington – Suite 3– 1900 K St. NW. – reservations required – mhd33 Georgetown.EDU – 6:45 PM

Book lecture: Cesar Brioso– "Havana hardball: spring training, Jackie Robinson, and the Cuban league" – Upshur Street books – 827 Upshur St. NW. – 7 PM

Panel discussion: Screening of CNN's "Race for the White House: Kennedy versus Nixon" – speakers include Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and other distinguished panel members – reservations required – -Jack Morton Auditorium – School media and public affairs – George Washington University – 805 21st St. NW. – 7 PM 


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