Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Free intellectual and cultural events for the week beginning Thursday,February 4

I continue to be amazed at the variety and number of events available to us FREE.  If you haven't checked out the new exhibit at Smithsonian's reopened Renwick Sunday would be a great day to see it along with a special concert.

I'm also delighted that Reddit's publicity has given me an audience of 10,000, many of whom asked me questions.  That gives me a chance to continue to share my 90  year old thoughts with a young audience.  Hope you'll check it out at

Thursday, 4
Booktalk;: James Mayer - "Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" - P&P - 7PM

Film: "Rosenwald:A Remarkable Story of A Jewish Partnership with African American Communities" - Introduced by director Aviva Kempner - National Archives - 7PM

Film: "Journey into Europe: Islam, immigration and identity" –with Ambassador Akbar Ahmed Healy family student center – Georgetown University –  reservation - – 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Concert: "Beyond the Sphere of time: a musical journey" music from the English choral tradition" – Washington National Cathedral – 7PM

Lecture: Jeffrey Rosen, President of the National Constitution Center discusses "Is the voting rights act of 1965 in jeopardy?" – Room 360 – Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library – 6:30 PM

Booktalk: Peter Sleven "Michelle Obama: A life" - room 301 – Marvin Center – George Washington University – 821st St., NW – 7 PM

Friday, 5
Film:  "Predator" - R rated film of  human/alien encounters from the 35 mm collection - Pickford Theatrre - Madison Building - Library of Congress - 7PM

Film: "Valentino's ghost: Why We hate Arabs" – Jerusalem fund – Palestine Center – 7:45 PM reservations requested –

Book lecture: Julian Borger: "The Butcher's Trail: How the Search for Balkan War Criminals Became the World's Most Successful Manhunt" – P and  P – 7 PM

Performance: "A Chinese celebration of the lunar new year" - various performers from China – Millennium stage - Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Saturday, 6
Book lecture: Alec Ross – "The Industry of the Future" – P&P – 1 PM

Book lecture: Daniel Oppenheimer – "Exit Right:The People Who Left the Left and Reshaped the American Century" – P&P – 3:30 PM

Book lecture: Mia Fong – "One Child: The Story of China's Most Radical Experiment" – P&P – 6 PM

Concert: Soprano Lucy Shelton and the 21st century Consort - "Crosscurrents" - Varied classical music - McAvoy Auditorium – Smithsonian American Art – 5 PM

Lecture: Jamie Steihm discusses "Frederick Douglass/Harriet Tubman: parallel lives from the Eastern Shore"– Georgetown library – 1 PM

Sunday, 7
Poetry book talk: Jean Nordhaus – "Memos from the Broken World" and Mary Ann Larken – "On Gannon Street" – P&P – 1 PM

Concert: NSO young artists interpret some of Opera's favorite composers – grand salon – Smithsonian Renwick Gallery – 17th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue – 2 PM

Concert: Minneapolis-based men's vocal ensemble performs "The Four Loves" -  W. Garden Court – National Gallery of Art – 3:30 PM

Film: New Greek cinema features 2014 film "Xenia – two brothers search for their estranged biological father – East building Auditorium – NGA – 4 PM

Monday, 8
Book lecture: Gail Lumet Buckley: "The Black Calhoun's: From Civil War to Civil Rights with One African American family" – P&P - 7 PM

Book lecture: Michael Shuman – "Confucius and the world he created" – room 211 – car barn – 3520 Prospect St. NW. – Georgetown University – 2 PM

Book lecture: Varied authors discuss – "Queer Brown voices: personal narratives of Latina/o LGBT activism" – Busboys and Poets – 2021 14th St. NW. – 6:30 PM
Tuesday, 9
Lecture:  Curator Nicholas Alexander Brown discusses - "Hair Gel and Groupies: Boy Bands in the Library of Congress" - Whittall Pavillion - Jefferson Building - Library of Congress - Noon

Panel:  Distinguished panel including L. Douglas Wilder, Virginia's second African American governor discuss "Race in America today: a panel discussion" – Busboys and Poets Brookland – 6:30 PM

Book lecture: Peter Bergen – "United States of Jihad: Investigating America's Homegrown Terrorists" – P&P 7 PM

Concert: Mike Flarhety's "Dixieland Direct" performs New Orleans jazz – Church of the Epiphany – 1317 G St. – 12:10 PM

Concert: National Opera young artists perform Kurt Weill''s "Lost in the Stars" (preview performance) – millennium stage – Kennedy Center – 6 PM

Panel discussion: "Building peace, security and prosperity in Pakistan" extremely distinguished panel – reservations required – - John Hopkins University – 1740 Massachusetts Ave. NW. – 12:30 PM

Film: "Films with the purpose: black study center documentaries for Black history month" features "Zora's roots: the life of Zora Neale Hurston" and "American experience: Jesse Owens" – 6 PM MLK Memorial Library – 6 PM

Wednesday, 10
Book Talk:  Ira Berlin: "The Long Emancipation: The Demise of Slavery in the United States" - National Archives - Noon

Concert: Florian Kitt, cellist and pianist Harald Ossberger perform various classical works - reservations required – – Austrian cultural forum – 3524 International Court NW. – 7:30 PM

Lecture: Chris L. Jenkins, assistant editor the Washington Post discusses "Is it a challenge today to discuss race in America, publicly?" – MLK Library – 6:30 PM

Thursday, 11
Book Lecture:  Nancy L.:Cohen – "Breakthrough: The Making of America's First Woman President" – P&P – 7 PM

Panel:   Distinguished panel of former members of Congress - "The History of Finance in American Politics" - National Archives - 7 PM

Book Lecture:  Ted Gioia - "Love Songs: The Hidden History" - Montpelier Room - Madison Building- Library of Congress - 7 PM

Book lecture: A. O.  Scott – "Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth" - P&P - 7 PM


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