Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Free intellectual and cultural events in D. C. beginning Thursday, January 21

Once again the only real problem is finding time to take in all the fascinating events that are provided in the city  This is also the week that I no longer rant, but begin responding to the thousands of comments that I have received on my posting on Reddit of Ask Me Anything.  This week I'm responding to the hundred who talk about whether it was necessary to drop the bomb in WWII.  My brief response is at

The complete discussion is at

Thursday, 21
Book talk: T. H. Brien – "George Washington's journey: The president forges a new nation" – P&P 7 PM

Concert:  Take 5 Series features "The Alexander Norris Ensemble" with live sculpture demonstration - Atrium - Smithsonian American Art Museum - 5PM - 7PM

Lecture:  Pamela Conrad of the Goddard Flight Center discusses "A TAle of Two Cities (Planets): What Earth and Mars Are Teaching Us About the Evolution of Habitable Worlds"- Reservations Required 202-328-6988 - Carnegie Institute for Science - 1530 P St. NW - 6:45PM

Lecture:  Barbara Wilson, author "If It's Not Impossible" discusses her fathers diary of saving 669 Czech children in "The Lives He Saved and The Secrets We Kept" - reservations required - 202-488-0460 - Holocaust Museum - 7PM

Friday, 2
Book talk: Charles Moore – "Margaret Thatcher: at her Zenith: in London, Washington and Moscow"  P&P – 7 PM

Film:  Music In 35mm - 1966  film "Chappaqua" - Pickford Theatre - Madison Building - Library of Congress - reservations suggested - 7PM

Saturday, 23
Book talk: Molly Sinclair McCartney – "America's war machine: vested interests, endless conflict – P&P - 1 PM

Book talk: Roy J. Harris, Junior – "Pulitzer's Gold: a century of public service journalism" – P&P – 3:30 PM

Booktalk: Geoffrey Cowen – "Let the people rule: Theodore Roosevelt and the birth of the presidential primary – P&P – 6 PM

Film:  Iranian Film Festival - winner of 2012 Berlin Film Festival, "Taxi" - National Gallery of Art - 2PM

Poetry Reading:  U. S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera and others respond to the display, "One Life: Dolores Huerta" National Portrait Gallery - 2PM

Sunday, 24
Booktalk: Erica Brown – "Take your soul to work: 365 meditations for everyday leadership" – P&P –5PM

Concert:  Howard Universsity Gospel Choir - Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center - 6PM

Concert:  Spin String Trio - perform "Goldberg Variations - West Garden Court - National Gallery of Art - 3:30PM

Film:  New Greek Cinema - 2015 film "Chevalier" - East Building - National Gallery of Art -4PM

Monday, 25
Booktalk: Ioan Grillo – "Gangster warlords: drug dollars, killing fields and the new politics of Latin America" – P&P – 7 PM

Concert:  Catholic University presents the music of Kander and Ebb - Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center - 6PM

Lecture:  GWU Dean Christopher Sterling discusses 10 TV News Innovators - 202-994-5200 -  GWU Textile Museum - 701 21st ST. NW - Noon

Tuesday, 26
Lecture: David Hollenbach, and  Gary and Anne McGuire discuss "Humanity in crisis: ethical responsibilities to people displaced by war" room LJ 119 – Madison building – Library of Congress – 3 PM

Concert:  Pianist Tzu-yi Chen performs Tchaikovsky, Liszt and Debussy - Church of the Epiphany - 1317 G ST. NW - 12:10PM

Lecture:  A Dynamic Universe: Greatest Discoveries of  the Hubble Space Telescope - Hubble Space Scientists - Katszen Arts Center - American University - 10:00AM

Wednesday, 27
Booktalk: Jesse Holland – "The Invisibles: The untold story of African Americans Slaves in the White House" – Busboys and Poets – 2021 11th St.  Northwest – 6:30 PM

Booktalk: Edward G. Lengel - "First Entrepreneur: How George Washington Built His - and the Natiin's Prosperity" - P & P - 7 PM

Presentation:  Photographic historian William Stapp, "Through China with a Camera: The Photographs of John Thomson - GWU Textile Museum - Noon

Lecture:  GU Professor Daniel Byman, "ISIS vs. AlQaeda: What's the Difference and Does it Matter? - Room 700 Bunn Intercultural Center - Georgetown University - 12:30

/Thursday, 28
Booktalk: David Greenberg – "Republic of Spin: An inside story of the American presidency" – P&P – 7 PM

Concert: A Musical Evening - The Air Force Strings - National Archives - 7 PM

Film: "Salt of this Sea" – award winning film by the first Palestinian woman to direct a film – The Jerusalem Center – 12:30 PM – 2:50 PM


  1. Hi, Ron! I just found you via WaPo and hope to interest you in the many free gardens in the DC area, which the nonprofit group DC Gardens promotes monthly. See our home page for their events in Jan-Feb, most of which are free.