Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free cultural events for the week beginning Thursday, October 22

Once again the free cultural events of the week feature books being reviewed by their authors. How fortunate we are that these are available to us, And if you can't attend, most of them are available on YouTube.. You might also have noticed that the titles are often so long that you almost don't have to read the book. For instance consider the book for Thursday, October 29:

"Pacific: silicon chips and surfboards/coral reefs and atom bombs/brutal dictators, feuding empires and the coming collision of the world superpowers"
But most exciting for me this week is my other blog:

In my mind this rant, and the one before it two weeks ago, are the most important I have ever distributed. While they are about religion, the underlying theme for me is world peace. I sincerely believe that through the years the religions of the world have been instrumental in causing wars, but it is only through a better understanding and acceptance of religion that we will heal the world's woes: problems that I feel are equal to or even surpass those of my youth – World War II.

Thursday, 22
Concert:  American Roots Music - Phil Wiggins - Acoustic Blues - U. S. Botanic Gardens - 3PM - 5PM

Panel: Women Taking the Lead: Acting on Pope Francis' Message - Catholic Social Thought and Public Life - Gaston Hall - Georgetown University - 6PM - 7:30PM - Reservations requested

Book talk: Marvin Kalb – author – "Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine, and the new cold war" – Elliot school of international affairs – GWU – 1957 E St. NW. reservations required - – 4 PM to 6 PM

Book talk: Cokie Roberts – author – "capital Dames: the Civil War and the women of Washington 1848 – 1868 – tickets required – – Fords Theater – 7 PM

Film: "Journey into Europe" The place of Islam in European history and civilization"– Abramson founders room – school of international service building – American University – reservations required – events – 5:30 PM to 8 PM

Friday, 23
Concert: National Gallery of Art string Quartet honors the 150th birthday of Sibelius and Nieolsenmeals – W. Garden Court – National Gallery of Art – 12:10 PM

Concert: Dapolti string Quartet performs "Enemies of the state" works by Shostakovich and Shulhoff   St. Albans Episcopal Church – 3001 Wisconsin Ave. NW. – 12:15 – 1 PM

Concert:  Levine jazz quartet demonstrates how jazz musicians respond to each other's solos – Sackler Gallery – the mall – 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM

Discussion: Environmental activist Bill McKibben discusses "The road through Paris: On the frontiers of the climate justice movement" information about the upcoming United Nations climate change conference – atrium - School of international service building – American University – Aamerican.du/sis/events – 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM 

Movie premier: Greater Washington immigration film Festival – "On the bright side" followed by a discussion by the Italian director and journalist about the current immigration crisis in Europe – Washington ethical society – 7750 16th St., Northwest – contact: – 7:30 PM – a $4. to $6. charge

Saturday, 24
Book Talk:  Dan Jones - author – "MagnaCarta: The birth of liberty" – P and P – 3:30 PM

Concert:  The National Gallery of Art piano trio with soprano soloist perform works by Sibelius and Carl Nielsen– W. Garden Court – National Gallery of Art – 12:10 PM

Concert "Three ladies sing Strayhorn" featuring the Lovejoy group" – Building 46 W. – University of the District of Columbia – 4200 Connecticut Ave. NW. – – 2 PM

Film: Greater Washington iGmmigration film Festival features "lessons of basketball in war" and "dreamers among us" – Theater of the Arts – University of the District of Columbia – reservations required – immigrationfilmfest.ogr – 1:30 PM to 4 PM

Sunday, 25
Book Talk: Douglas Waller - author – "Disciples: The World War II missions of the CIA directors who fought with Wild Bill Donovan" – P and P – 1 PM

Concert: District of Columbia chamber orchestra perform ensemble works by Hummel, Brahms, Sibelius and Villalobos – Church of the Holy City – 1611 16th St. NW. – 3 PM

Concert: National Gallery of Art orchestra performs works by Sibelius and Carl Nielsen – W. Garden Court – National Gallery of Art – 3 PM

Discussion: Elaine H. Berkowitz author of, "LIve life… Love country: life As a Jewish female soldier in Iraq and Kosovo" – National Museum of American Jewish Military History – 1811 R St. NW. – 1 PM

Lecture: David Getsy, professor of art history and Dean of graduate studies, Art Institute of Chicago – "abstraction and its capacities" – East Building Auditorium – National Gallery of Art – 2 PM

Film:: Washington Immigration Film Festival – "Shorts that Pack a Punch" – discussion with journalist Armando Trull – ethical's Society of Washington – 6:30 PM – four dollar –

Monday, 26
Book Talk:Dan Ephron – author – "Killing the King: The Assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the remaking of Israel" – P&P – 7 PM

Book talk: Sherry M. Randolph – author -"Flornyce Flow Kennedy: The Life of a Black feminist radical" – Langston room – busboys and poets – 2021 14 Street Northwest – 6:30 PM

Book talk: David Greene - author – "Midnight in Siberia: A train journey into the heart of Russia" – Kramer books and afterwords Café – 1517 Connecticut Ave. NW. – 6:30 PM

Book Talk: Timothy Snyder, professor of history at Yale University - "The Holocaust as history and warning" - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – reservations required – 202-488-0460 - 7PM
                                                                       Tuesday, 27
Event:  Sonia Purnell - "Clementine: the life of Mrs. Winston Churchill" – P&P – 7 PM

Book Fair:  Featuring local authors - Hyman S. Freda Bernstein Jewish Literary Festival – followed by a free wine and cheese reception – Washington DC Jewish Community Center – 1529 16th St. NW. – reservations recommended – - 7:30PM

Concert: Friday Morning Music Club chamber Concert – Dumbarton House – 2715 Q St. NW. – noon

Book Talk: Geoff Shepard – author – "The real Watergate scandal: collusion, conspiracy and the plot that brought Nixon down" – National Archives - noon

Discussion: Benny Morris, visiting Israeli professor at Georgetown University discusses, "The refugee problems created by the 1948 Arab – Israeli war" – reservations requested – McShane lounge – McCarthy hall – Georgetown University – noon to 1 PM

Lecture: Irfan Safeed – United States Department of State - Bureau of counter terrorism discusses approaches to countering violent extremism – reservations required – – Media and Public affairs building – 805 21st St. NW. – GWU – 2 PM – 3 PM

Book talk: John Kelly – author – "Never surrender: Winston Churchill and Britain's decision to fight Nazi Germany in the fateful summer of 1940 "– Kramer books and afterwords Café – 6:30 PM

Panel discussion: Ill- liberal liberalism? The fate of religious freedom in the public square – Kirsten Powers, Russell Moore and Phil Zuckerman – the Berkeley Center – Copley formal lounge cured Georgetown University – reservations recommended – email  - Lunch will be served - 11:30 AM – 2 PM

Wednesday, 28

Book Talk : Jay Winik - author – "1944: FDR and the year that changed history" – National Archives –  noon

Book talk:  Lisa Randall – author – "Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: the astonishing interconnectedness of the universe" – P&P – 7 PM

Lecture: "Freedom of the Press: The Peter Zenger Trial" – Georgia Higley of the Serial and Government Publications Division – South Gallery – Thomas Jefferson building – Library of Congress – contact: 202-707-0185 – noon

Lecture: Christian Huckleberry – "Meteorites: Cosmic Messengers at the Natural History Museum in V ienna" – Austrian Embassy – 3525 International Court NW. – reservations recommended – – 7:30 PM
Lecture:  Archaeologist Zahi Hawass discusses "Pyramids, Mummies and Cleopatra: Recent discoveries" reservations required – 202-857-7700 – Auditorium - National Geographic – 1600 M St. NW. – 2 PM

Book discussion:  Hal Niedzviecki - author – discusses "Trees on Mars: Our Obsession with the future" – Kramer books and afterwords Café – 6:30 PM

Book talk:  Premilla Nadasen - author – "Household workers unite: The untold story of African-American women who built a movement" – busboys and poets – 6:30 PM to 8 PM

Discussion: A conversation with Noga Kadman, author of "Erased from space and consciousness: Israel and the depopulated Palestinian villages of 1948" – busboys and poets - Tacoma Park – 235 Carol St. NW. – 6:30 PM

Book talk: Bryan Stevenson, Founder and Executive Director of the equal Justice initiative – author "Just Mercy: a story of justice and redemption" theater of the arts – University of the District of Columbia – 2000 Connecticut Ave., Northwest - reservations required – - 6 PM

Lecture: Heidi Cullen, chief scientist at Climate Central – "Seeing climate, Seeing change: communicating climate science in a changing media landscape" – Carnegie institution for science – 1530 P St. NW. – reservations required – 202 – 328-6988 - 6:45PM

Book talk: Economist Carmel Chiswick – author – "Judaism in transition: how economic choices shape religious tradition" – Georgetown library – 3260 R St. NW. – 7 PM

Lecture: Sanjit Sethi, new director of the Corcoran school of the arts and design – discusses the future of design education – Hammer Auditorium – Corcoran school of the arts and design – George Washington University – 517th St., Northwest – 8 PM to 9:30 PM

Panel discussion: "Capitalism and morality: the inequality challenge" – features Christine Lagarde managing director of the IMF and Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury Secretary – Washington National Cathedral – $10 admission charge – 7:30 PM

                                                                    Thursday, 29
Book Talk:  Kevin Lippert – author – "War plan: the United States secret plan to invade Canada and Canada's secret plan to invade the United States" – national archives – noon

Book talk: Simon Winchester – author – "Pacific: Silicon chips and surfboards/coral reefs and atom bombs/brutal dictators, feuding empires and the coming collision of the world superpowers" – P&P – 7 PM

Book talk: Glenn M. Stein – "Discovering the Northwest passage: the four-year Arctic odyssey of HMS investigator and the McClure expedition" – Mumford room – Madison building – Library of Congress – 11 AM

Lecture: The 2015 biennial Kellogg lecture in jurisprudence on, "Justice, Neutrality and Law" – Harvard University professor Michael Sandel – room LJ 119 – Jefferson building – Library of Congress – contact: 202-707-4642 – 3 PM

Friday, 30
Book Talk:  Dr. Ghade Karma– author and medical doctor -  "Return: a Palestinian memoir" – the Palestine Center – 2425 Virginia Ave. NW. – for reservations contact 202\-338-1958 – lunch at 1230 – lecture 1 PM – 2 PM: 

Saturday, 31
Book Talk:  Tom Gjelten – author and NPR correspondent – "A Nation of Nations: A Great American immigration story - the story of families from Korea, Bolivia and Libya as they face cultural and racial stereotyping in Fairfax County -  P&P – 6 PM