Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Free cultural and intellectual events for the week of Thursday, October 1 through Thursday, October 8

I returned from Germany Monday just in time to attend the fascinating panel at Georgetown University about the Popes visit.  I'm glad others read my brief announcement Monday and were present to hear the insights of the panelists: Cokie Roberts, Michael Steele, Mark Shields and others..  If you missed it you can get it on YouTube (as well as most of the other events we have listed).  Another trip this week keeps the list of the events short, but you'll find some very fascinating events.

It will take a week or two before I return with my rants and raves at
And as promised they'll begin with thoughts on religion and world peace and the churchgoing practices of an agnostic atheist.

Thursday, 1 
Book talk: Ian W. Toll - author - The conquering tide: war in the Pacific islands: 1942 – 1944P&P – 7 PM 

Lecture: legends of Latin jazz – Larry Applebaum – Madison building – Library of Congress – Mary Pickford Auditorium – noon

Friday,  2
Book talk: Robert B. Reisch - author – saving capitalism: for the many not the few – P&P – 7 PM

Book Talk:  Erica Lee – author – the making of Asian America – national archives – noon

Film: Uniquely nasty: the US government war on gays – documentary with Michael Isikoff – national archives – 7 PM – reservations recommended

Saturday, 3 
Book talk: Joby Warrick - author – black flags: the rise of Isis – P&P – 1 PM

Book talk: Yeonnie Park – author – in order to lie: a North Korean girl's journey to freedom – politics and prose – 3:30 PM

Book talk: David O. Stewart – author – the Wilson deception – P&P - 6 PM

Sunday, 4
Book talk: Stuart Stevens – the last season: father, son and a lifetime of college football for the Ole Miss season of 2012 – P&P - 1 PM

Book talk: distinguished panel from the University of Michigan including Steinberg,
Fitzgerald, Kroll and Wayne of the Michigan daily discusses In the name of editorial freedom – busboys and poets: Brooklyn – 6:30 PM

Monday, 5
Book talk: Wendell Pierce – author – the wind in the reeds: a storm, a play and the city that would not be broken – New Orleans – P&P – 7PM

Tuesday, 6
Book talk: the topic of race discussed by four authors, Ryan, Butler, Dyson and Reid - Busboys and poets – 14th and V St., Northwest – 6:30 PM

Panel discussion: distinguished panel discusses women, religion, violence and peace: illuminating what's not seen – luncheon served – reservations required – Georgetown University - Berkeley Center – 3307 M St. NW. – 12 noon – 2 PM

Concert: Gabriel Munoz performs Puerto Rican cuatro music – Mary Pickford theater – Madison building – Library of Congress – 1 PM

Wednesday, 7
Book talk: Steven Lee Myers – author – the new czar: the rise and reign of Vladimir Putin – P&P -7 

Book talk: Tam O'Shaughnessy – author - Sally Ride: a photo biography of America's pioneering woman in space – P&P – 10:30 AM

Book talk: Harlow Giles Unger – author – Henry Clay: America's greatest statesman – national archives - noon

Thursday 8
Book talk: Melanne Verveer – fast-forward: how women can achieve power and purpose – P&P – 7 PM

Concert: beer garden blues: Prohibition era songs and stories – national archives – 7 PM – reservations recommended

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Free cultural events for rthe month of September

       I couldn't resist looking ahead and seeing the events I shall be missing.  There is so much going on in the next month that I am unable to list them, but I have added some sources you might go to on the internet that I have found helpful.  AND, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SPECIAL IN THE FUTURE, YOU MIGHT JUST ADD IT AS A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG WHICH WILL KEEP OPEN UNTIL I RETURN.  

I keep learning as I compile these lists.  Last Friday - with two grandchildren -  I attended the Concert in the Park at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden.  I'll no longer list that.  It seems EVERY ONE knows about it already!  I've rarely seen such a mass of humanity having a good time together.  I surely recommend your going before the end of the see the scene.

And another MUST DO is a TOUR OF THE NPR STUDIOS.  I went on Monday and found it it quite fascinating.  The tours are free and are available every weekday at 11AM.  Registration can be made at
The nearby NoMa metro stop is two blocks away and gives one another perspective of the changing city scene.  

Here are some sources to look at for events this month:

The bookstores of Politics and Prose
     A fascinating array of book reviews this next month range from  a talk by Joyce Carol Oates, to a book on Obama, the Clintons and the racial divide, to a look at who is in charge of America's schools to college football and the money chase, to a doctor reflecting on race and medicine to Thurgood Marshall to Machine Gun Kelly to the use of dro0nes to 1944 as the year that changed history to a look at environmental concerns.and Marvin Kalb's book, Imperial Gamble: Putin, Ukraine and the New Cold War!  WHEW!

The National Archives
     Films, book reviews and talks ranging from Building he St. Louis Arch (A Guggenheim tribute) to Nine from Little Rock to Andrew Jackson to 1920's fashions to Eisenhower and Nixon.

The Library of Congress
     Concerts and talks ranging from homegrown blue grass to celebrating Ola Belle Reed to A history of public libraries to Mariachi music to religious freedom and the constitution  to from a slave ship to Harvard to the music of Blind Boy Paxton to stories that helped win WWII.

Georgetown University
     Presentations ranging from the economy to The "Francis Factor" Revisited

Smithsonian's American Art Museum
     Concerts including jazz by the U. S. Army Blues to David Rubinstein at the piano to various art lectures including American Impressionism