Thursday, January 22, 2015

Events of the Week: Friday, January 23 - Friday, January 30

The first film festivals of 2015 begin this week with the Georgian (Russian) Series at the Goethe Institut.  Don't know of the Goethe Institut or Georgian cinema?  Check them out at 812 7th NW - the films are free and they will soon host portions of the Jewish Film Festival.  They also have a display of the photography of Barbara Kelmm, one of Germany's most distinguished photographers. 

Friday, January 23 
Cooking Demonstration:  Winter Salads - Adrienne and Danielle Cook - U. S. Botanic Gardens - 100 Maryland Ave. SW - noon - 12:45

Book Talk:  Guantanamo Diary - Authors Nancy Hollandar and Shani Himsi - P&P - 7pm

Film:  Xanadu - Madison Building - Library of Congress - Pickford Theatre - 7pm

Concert:  St. Lawrence String Quartet Opus 90: Celebrating 90 Years of Concerts from the Library of Congress - Coolidge Auditorium - Library of Congress - 8pm - Stand-by tickets may be available at 6:30pm  - at 6:30 Anne McLean discusses the series in the Whittall Pavillion

Film: To Tell the Truth: Working for Change  (North American Premiere) - Documentary of social change in the U. S. and United Kingdom from 1929 - 1941 - National Archives - 56 minutes - Noon - Second segment next Friday. 

Saturday, January 24
Book Talks:  Boom, Bust Exodus - Chad Broughton - P&P - 1pm 
Narcissism and Politics - Jerrold M. Post - P&P - 3:30pm
The Book of Love - Roger Rosenblatt - P&P 6pm

Lecture and discussion:  Louisa May Alcott and Walt Whitman in Civil War Washington:  Jean Freedman and Jamie Stiehm – Georgetown Library – 3260 R St. NW. – 1 PM

Book Talk:  A. D. and  M. L, King: Two Brothers Who Dared to Dream: author Naomi Ruth Barber King the sister-in-law of Dr. King – MLK memorial library – 2 PM

Sunday, January 25
Gypsy Jazz:  Violinist Daisy Castro - Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center - 6pm

Concert:  National Gallery of Art Vocal Ensemble perform Monteverdi with poetry readings - National Gallery of Art - West Garden Court - 6pm  

Monday, January 26
Film: "Discovering Georgian Cinema" features two of Jashi's films Bakhmaro and Felicita - reservations required at Goethe Institut - 812 7th St. NW - 6:30pm

Book Talk:  Our Secret Life in Movies - Author J. M. Tyree - Kramerbooks - 1517 Connecticut NW - 6:30pm

Forum:  National Press Club hosts Coverage of Race in America: How Are We Doing? Can We Do Better? - Ballroom - National Press Club - 529 14th Street NW - reservations required - - 6:30 - 8pm

Tuesday, January 27
Film and Discussion:  The Decade of Discovery - considering email and other forms of communication in the White House - National Archives - 7pm

Concert:  GWU Camerata Singers - Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center - 6pm

Book Discussion:  The Awakening of Muslim Democracy: Religion, Modernity and the State - Author Jocelyne Cesari - Room 602 - GWU - Elliot School of International Affairs - 1957 E ST. NW reservations required - - Noon - 2pm

Film:  Remembering National Holocaust Day, the film The Island of Roses: A
Tragedy in a Paradise
 with remarks by the Ambassador from Italy
 - reservations required - - 6:30pm

Wednesday, January 28
Book Talk:  Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe - George Friedman - P&P - 7pm

Book TalK:  Iran-Contra: Reagan's Scandal and the Unchecked Abuse of Presidential Power - Malcolm Byrne - National Archives - Noon

Book Talk:  The Bill of he Century: The Epic struggle for the Civil Rights Act - Clay Risen - Room 119 - Jefferson Building  - Library of Congress - Noon

Lecture:  Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea - Ashley W. Harris - National Museum of Women in the Arts - 1250 New York Avenue - Noon - 12:30pm

Thursday, January 29
Book Talk:  Chasing the Scream - Johann Hari a look at the War on Drugs - P&P - 6pm

Cooking Demonstration:  Winter Salads - Adrienne  and Danielle Cook _ US Botanic Garden - 12:45pm

Concert:  Chamber music by the Youth Fellows of the NSO - Millennium Stage - Kennedy Center

Film: Discovering Georgian Cinema - Tinatin Gurchiani's The Machine That Makes Everything Disappear - Goethe Society - reservations required - www.goetheinstitutwashingtonevenbritecom -

Friday, January 30
Film:  To Tell the Truth: The Strategy of Truth - Second part of series on propaganda during WWII in the US GB and Germany - National Archives - 56 minutes - Noon 

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