Thursday, September 11, 2014

Events of the week: Thursday, September 11 - Tuesday, September 23

What an exciting two weeks of learning for FREE in DC.  The number of events and my absence for the next two weeks cause the delay.  I'm almost sorry to be in Michigan for two weeks when there are such exciting learning opportunities here in DC.  Among the most exciting ones I see are:

  • tonight's Boy's Choir at the Austrian Embassy
  • Hispanic Heritage Day on Saturday
  • an opportunity for seniors to learn about LinkedIn on Monday
  • two talks by Yale's Akhil Reed Amar
  • two truly timely panels with outstanding participants at The New America Foundation*
  • remembering D-Day on film, and 
  • a chance to hear an outstanding panel in a two day symposium on the possibility of intelligent life beyond earth.
* I've been to several panels at this relatively new think tank.  I'm uncertain about which audience they are particularly meant for.  You might check them out.  Their programs - like many others - are often streamed or on the Internet thus available to us even if we cannot attend in person.  

Thursday, September 11
Book Talk: Fallujah Redux - Dan Green reports on the battles in Anbar Province - P&P - 4pm 

Book Talk:  Congress in the Viet Nam and Watergate Era - Katherine Scott - Room G-25 - Penn. Ave. entrance - National Archives - Noon

Concert:  Bratislava Boys Choir - Austrian Cultural Forum - 3529 International Court - reservations suggested - go to Austrianculturalforumdc - 7:30pm

Lecture:  Artist Mark Tribe - Corcoran Gallery of Art - 500 17th st. NW - 7pm

Friday, September 12
Book Talk:  William Wells Brown:: An African-American Life - Author Ezra Greenspan tells of this former slave who in the early 18th Century was a writer and political activist - Mary Pickford Theatre - Madison Building - Library of Congress - Noon

Book Talk: James Madison: A Life Reconsidered - Lynne Cheney - National Archives - Noon

Organ Recital:  Organist Lawrence P.Schreiber at the National City Christian Church - 5 Thomas Circle NW - 12:15 -1pm

Saturday, September 13
Concert:  Jinny Marsh's Hot Kugel KlezmerBand  - Anderson House - Society of the Cincinnati - 2018 Mass., Ave NW - 1:30pm

Lecture:  Urban Agriculture: NYU's Carolyn Dimitri discusses "Urban Agriculture: Sowing Seeds, Sowing Money - U. S. botanic Garden - reservations required - 202-225-8333 - 10:30 - 12:30 repeats Sunday at 2

Festival:  Hispanic Heritage Family Festival with varied Family Activities - Kogod Courtyard - Smithsonian Portrait Gallery/American Art - 11:30am - 4pm

Sunday, September 14

Lecture:  Urban Agriculture - See Saturday - 2pm

Book talk:  The Human Age - Diane Ackerman considers human creativity - P&P - 1pm

Concert:  Steinway Series - Verge Ensemble - Three pianists various classical numbers - Smithsonian American Art Museum - G Street Lobby - 2:30pm for tickets for 3pm performance

Lecture:  Degas and Cassatt: a Collaborators Look Beneath the Layers - West Building Lecture Hall - NGA - 2pm

Monday, September 15
Book Talk:  So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures - Maureen Corrigan Mumford Room - Madison Building - Library of Congress - Noon

Book Talk:  Lincoln's Gamble - Todd Brewster discusses the Emancipation Proclamation - P&P -
7pm - ALSO at noon at the National Archives

Presentation:  How to use LinkedIn Like a Pro - - 40Plus of Greater Washington - Suite T-2 1718 P St. nw - 9:45 - Noon  - 202-387-1582

Concert:  U. S. Army Field Band Soldiers Chorus - Scenes from operas - Family theater - Kennedy Center - 6pm

Lecture:  Popular Culture and Civil Rights: Jazz, Film, TV and the Making of the Movement - Harvard's Ingrid Monson and Rutgers Ruth Feldstein - Whittall Pavillion - Jefferson Building - Library of Congress - 1pm

Tuesday, September 16
Lecture:  Magna Carta and the American Constitution - Yale Professor Akhil Reed Amar - Montpelier Room - Madison Building - Library of Congress - 1pm

Wednesday, September 17
Discussion:  Yale Law School Professor Akhil Reed Amar and U. S. representative Robert Hurt of Virginia discuss The State of the Constitution: Is the American Constitution Still Working for Americans? Reservations recommended at  Celebrating the 227th Anniversary of the U. S. Constitution - National Archives 7pm

Children's Activity:  Celebrating  Constitution Day with quill pens, crafts and dress - National Archives - 1 - 4pm

Concert:  Cellist Wytold - Sidney Harmon Hall - 610 F St. nw - 5:30pm

Film:  La Camioneta - Mark Kendall's 2013 film about Guatemala' working class - West Building Lecture Hall - NGA - 1pm - repeats Friday at 1pm

Panel Discussion:  Next Steps for the Israeli and Palestinians: Assessing the Impact of the Gaza Conflict - New America Foundation - 1899 L St.nw - Suite 400 - 9am - 10:30pm - registration suggested -

Thursday, September 18
Lecture:  Climate Change on Mars: The Case for the Missing Martian Atmosphere - Goddard Scientist Jared Espley - Mary Pickford Theatre - Pickford Theatre - Madison Building - Library of Congress - 11:30am

Concert:  Pete Muldoon performs jazz of Grant Green with sextet - Kogod Courtyard - Smithsonian American Art Museum - 5 - 7pm

Book Talk:  America's Forgotten Constitution - Robert Tsai discusses the history of alternative constitutions - National Archives - Noon

Symposium:  Preparing For Discovery: A Rational Approach to the Impact of Finding Microbial, Complex or Intelligent Life Beyond Earth - Leading scientists, historians, philosophers and theologians participate - Klug Center - LJ119 - Jefferson Building - Library of Congress - extends through Friday - 9am - 4:30pm - Contact 202-707-0213

Friday, September 19
NEA National Heritage Fellowship Concerts:  The 2014 Award Winners ranging from Tejano to blues to dancing and ethic presentations - Lisner Auditorium - GWU - reservations suggested - - 8pm

Film: La Camioneta - See Wednesday listing

Saturday, September 20
Book Talks:  Rebel Souls - Justin Martin profiles the regulars at Piaff's Saloon circa 1860 - P&P - 1pm
Slow Dancing with a Stranger - Meryl Comer Tells of her husbands descent with Alzheimer's - P&P - 3:30pm
Timeless: Love, Morgenthau and Me - Lucinda Franks memoir of life with her husband, Robert Morgenthau - 6pm
Cosby: His Life and Times - Author Mark Whitaker - P&P - 8pm

Sunday, September 21
Book Talk:  Predator: The Secret origin of the Drone Revolution - Author Richard Whittle - P&P - 1pm

Talk and music:  Luce Unplugged: Staff Talk, local musician, Louis Weeks: Alternative - Free coffee/tea - Luce Foundation Center - 3rd Floor - Smithsonian American Art Museum - Talk - 1:30pm - music - 2pm

Monday, September, 22
Book Talk:  The Copernicus Complex:Our Cosmic Significance In A Universe of Probabilities - P&P - 7pm
Tuesday, September 23
Film:  D-Day Remembered - 8th Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Program - National Archives - 7pm

Panel Discussion:  America's Worst Colleges - New America Foundation - 1899 L St. nw - Suite 400 - 9:30 - 11:00am - registration suggested -

Book Talk;  The Forgotten Fifties: America's Decade from the Archives of "Look" Magazine - Montpelier Room - 6th floor - Madison Building - Library of Congress - Noon

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  1. Shorpy has a bunch of great photos from Look Magazine if you can't make the book talk.